Text 6 Dec Drinks Reception POSTPONED

We regret to announce that due to unforeseen circumstances the drinks reception scheduled for this Sunday will be postponed. Please stay tuned for a new date to be announced.

With love,


Link 4 Dec We made it to the Cambridge News!!»

Charlie Scott has written a nice little piece about our ride for the Cambridge News. We are very grateful to him for publishing this.

Chat 2 Dec
  •  If you haven't RSVPd to our event yet please do! Special guests to be announced soon!!!
Text 25 Nov

Dear all,

You are cordially invited to attend a drinks reception to mark the conclusion of the Kings on Bikes campaign. The event will take place at 1930 on Sunday 8th December in Cambridge. There will be light refreshments, speeches, and we will announce the final total raised.

Over the course of the last year, we have been greatly moved, both figuratively and literally, by the warmth, generosity, and appreciation of all our donors and supporters and we would like to thank everybody in person.

Support for this campaign has come in many different guises, and this event is open to all those who have donated or supported our efforts in any way, shape, or form. We would really love if everyone involved in the campaign could attend, no matter how small or large you may feel your contribution was.

Please RSVP by telephone to 07737372756 or email to danieldsouza@blueyonder.co.uk to receive the precise instructions with regards to location.

We look forward to seeing as many people as possible there.

Text 28 Oct

Dear friends and family,

This is an open letter of thanks on behalf of the whole Kings on Bikes team to all those that made our trip possible.

The three weeks cycling were an experience like nothing any of us had been through before. Much of it has already been shared with you on this blog, but some of the highlights included our wonderful send-off from Cambridge, the seafront walk through Harwich, hours navigating out of the Hook of Holland, the ‘sightseeing trip that could have been’ to Utrecht Cathedral, singing Britten excerpts in Flensburg, our attempts at redefining where Ommen ended and Beerze began, disturbing Anders’ cows, the stunning landscape of the Swedish and Norwegian fjords and definitely crossing the finish line in Oslo.

The real motivation for the trip stems from a true passion amongst our peer group for the brilliant work of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. Being friends with Alex Stobbs and spending so much time together on tours and in the chapel allowed us to see what a struggle it was for sufferers of CF and what a positive impact the CFT brings to their friends and family. When thinking about a possible charity for the bike ride we were in no doubt that the CFT was the only possibility. We would like to thank everyone at the CFT for their support along the way and especially Sandra Howarth who took a particular interest in our event and was incredibly helpful.

The idea of doing a charity bike ride had been kicking around for a while and certain details were coming in to focus towards the end of December 2012, however the moment when Ewan Kirk was able to walk into our meeting and agree to cover all the expenses of the trip, that was when the ride began in earnest. To say ‘this wouldn’t have been possible without so-and-so’ is a well-trodden cliche in thank you letters, but it is genuinely applicable in this case. The generosity of Cantab Capital Partners¬† gave us the freedom to focus all our attention on fundraising without the stress of having to break even. We are especially grateful for the support of Rosa Wunner, Anne Lawrence, and Ewan Kirk.

Further financial aid came from SMW Law who very generously contributed towards the purchase of our three beautiful Genesis bikes. We also received very favourable discounts from the Cambridge Cycle Company and High Five nutrition who were both extremely supportive.

We are all very grateful for all the support from our families who were truly on the front line of fundraising as well as providing all the behind-the-scenes support. A special thank you to Stephen, Felicity, Mariella, and Lorcan Mostyn-Williams and Katy Bagnall for meeting us all on the finish line, and to William and Helena Watson for lending us the tourbus. 

A big thank you to all at King’s College for their help and patience over eight or so months preceding the ride. Thank you Richard, Jeremy, Stephen, Christine, Margaret, and Janet. Thank you to everyone who came to the send-off at the back of King’s. Thank you for the technical support from Julie and Sheen.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us along the way. Thank you to Pat, Goble, and Henry for donating a King’s Men fee to the ride. Thank you to Peter Richmond for his support (and the champagne!). Thank you to anyone linked to us on Facebook or Twitter who has had to withstand a barrage of requests and disturbances. Thank you to anyone I’ve forgotten!

Finally, thank you to all those that donated. There was no greater rush during the ride than seeing the total donated rise higher and higher. Every penny donated and every message spurred us along, helped those wheels spin, helped us through the early starts and late finishes. To see target after target crumble before our eyes was a humbling experience. The final total raised has not yet been calculated, but including gift aid it is over £12,600.

Together we have achieved something quite remarkable.

David Bagnall, Philip Barrett, Feargal Mostyn-Williams, Rebecca Martin, Bryony Watson, and Dan D’Souza

PS more exciting news to follow so please stay tuned!

Chat 29 Sep
  •  Just under a week left until the virginmoneygiving page is closed.
  •  Don't hesitate, donate!
Photo 11 Sep With the return of the tour vehicle to Kingston, the trip is now officially over for all of us. 

The amount of donations so far has been staggering, but for those of you yet to open your wallets, the donation page is open until the 4th October. 


With the return of the tour vehicle to Kingston, the trip is now officially over for all of us.

The amount of donations so far has been staggering, but for those of you yet to open your wallets, the donation page is open until the 4th October.


Video 4 Sep


Video 4 Sep 1 note

A few pictures from the finish line at the Royal Palace in Oslo.

1127 miles cycled by Feargal and Phil, with Dave cycling the first 780 or so.

Photo 1 Sep Our two remaining cyclists: Airhead and Asparagus-head

Our two remaining cyclists: Airhead and Asparagus-head

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